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I just saw on youtube the alternate ending to Titanic... At the end everybody sees Rose standing at the edge of the boat about to throw the Heart into the Ocean and run to stop her... After alot of talking about alot of nothing she lets Bill Paxton's character touch the Diamond before she throws it overboard, then he laughs in a ridiculous manner then asks her Great-Great-Great-Grand-Daughter to dance... The end...

You know... I've thought that since Alternate Endings are able to be placed onto DVDs now in special sections Film Creators should at least use 5 minutes worth of film time to make Alternate Endings that are somewhat interesting, maybe even different in tone since they don't actually count as Canonical toward the Movie... In fact they should do it to EVERY movie that is made from now on, I believe it would dramatically increase the selling point of individual DVDs...

Here are a Few of my Alternate ideas for the Ending to Titanic I would have liked to had seen...

Rose looks down into the Ocean, Drops the Necklace and either A. Leonardo DiCaprio's Character all rotted and Zombie looking Floats to the Surface Grabs the Diamond causing her to have a Heart Attack... B. He floats to the surface, she looks into his eyes and falls into the Water where she's attacked by the Ghosts from the Titanic, but is pulled out of the water and saved by Gollum and Samwise Gamgee... C. He floats to the Surface normal looking, grabs it, then it goes into a Scene where she's in a Nursing Home having imagined all of it because she's really drugged up and on Meds... or D. She tells everybody she dropped it, then claims she's the Czars daughter and everybody looks at each other quizically wondering about the Veracity of ANY of her Story...

Another good set would be if A. Bill Paxton's Character grabbed the Diamond out of her Withered hand and was all "YOINK!!!" then ran off down the Deck while Skipping and leaving Rose to Cry... B. He grabs it and just yells at her "PWNED!!! (With Reverb Voice Sound Effect) with a Large superimposed "PWNED!!!" on the Screen "The End"... C. He Explains he's really her Fiance's Descendant and he'll get revenge on her for ruining his Family (Shoves overboard) Turns out his crew are Pirates, kidnaps her Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter, Movie ends with Jolly Roger Flag being put up and screams are heard...

So I was just now thinking... What other films would you like to see Alternate Endings to and in general what type of ending would be humorous or incredible?

Also which of the endings to my list of Endings to Titanic above do you Prefer?

Titanic Alternate Endings

Gollum and Samwise Gamgee
Drugged up Dreamworld
Senile Pathological Liar
YOINK!!! *Skipping*
Pirate Screams
or *sarcastically* the "Original"
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