avieyal (avieyal) wrote in randomosity,

Tommy Kovac and Crab Scrambly Signing

Anyone in the California region of the world, drop on by The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach for Crab Scrambly and Tommy Kovac signing.

Saturday, November 18th 2006,
The Comic Bug
Crab Scrambly
and Tommy Kovac

Tommy is the creator Autumn and writer of Wonderland and Crab is the creator of The 13th of Never and artist on Nightmares and Fairy Tales: 1140 Rue ROyale. Plus Dame Darcy is said to be there.

on a side note, Billy Martin has a pinup in one of the older installments of Nightmares and Fairy Tales. yayness!

Drop on by and check it out, regardless if you're into comics/graphic novels or not.
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