avieyal (avieyal) wrote in randomosity,

its official

what? postin calms my nerves..

okay okay okay, its official. the nuber six is holy and magical. no wait, magickal. right.

1: most of the time, in any album, i have found that i like track 06. no matter what band, if i'm hearin it for the first time, track number six will be good. or have special meaning.

2: in any webcomic, so far, the one's i've read, the 6th episode/installation is good, or doesn't suck, or is comparatively better than the ones before or after it. like this. number 6 of terrible horrible, by david iseri

ignore the hellacomics.com. it is gone. now its www.davidiseri.com

3: there are SIX members of linkin park. say what you want, LP rules.

4: three sixes equals evil. does any other number, repeated, equals evil??? fuck no! only six!! muahahaahaaa!!

5: Six is the only number that confuses people, in most fonts. is it a 6? or is it a 9? hmmm?? you might say, well then six isn't the only number, nine is confuses too! that is where you are WRONG. nine won't do that. Six, however, is evil* and will do this for fun. if a nine does it, its a mistake.

*see no.4

6: i was born on the sixth of march nineteeneightynine (6/3/1989 or 3/6/1989(u.s) for the numerically inclined.)

okay so this is an attempt to mask the fact that i wish to post another comic i found (terrible horrible). but still, 6 is still magickal yo.
feel free to relate any other 6 induced funness.
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